glass bells

Gentle grafts and small scions need protection to flower out. The glass bell creates enough room to protect and shelter these. Now we can watch with delight how day after day the barely visible grows more and finally gives off lifes‘ fragrances. Herbs as sensitive as mimosa also appreciate this shelter. 
Glass bells made of hand blown glass
small glass bell - H 15 cm, Ø 7,5 cm
tall glass bell - H 38 cm, Ø 19,5 cm
medium glass bell H 30 cm, Ø15 cm
round bodied glass bell H 30 cm, Ø 30 cm.

You can also get the small one and the tall one with a small set to pique (clay pot, soil and seeds).



glass bell large - rondel made of hard porcelain, white, with hollow frame, Ø 18 cm

glass bell round bodied - round board made of oak (13 mm, Ø 29 cm)

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